donderdag 21 oktober 2010

A new name

Well, I know that a name change isn't smart to do regular. Especially if you want to be found, like your blog should be.
But I really gonna change my blogger name from Crea Bloempje666 to My Frizzle.
Well, Bloempje666 is a very old nickname and I just think this new name will fit me better.
Some people will think strange things when they see the number 666, but there is really nothing to it. I'm not even gohtic or something. Thus this whole name indicates something and it doesn't fit me anymore...
I was 18 when i got this nick, Bloempje is the Dutch word for flower and indicates something sweet. And my birthday is on the 6th. So then you got bloempje6. But that's just like i'm 6 years old. Not funny. 66? also not funny. 666? Well, thats a little more exiting! and that's the one and only thought behind the number 666.
Well, it's exiting when your 18. It gets a bit boring when your 31.

now im 31... I guess it's about time for something new! :P

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Bedankt voor je berichtje en graag tot ziens!
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